This project comes from me being a history aficionado and having a not very good memory. Sometimes I find myself reading about an interesting topic and remembering having read something else related in a different book or publication. And it takes days to find that reference, if I ever do it.

With this tool, a database on steroids, I want to make sure those links for my investigations do not get lost. It is also my first attempt to create a fully working App that can be used in a mobile device as well as in a conventional computer.

I have been working on this project for a while, on and mostly off, as there are other things occupying myself as well and like like to be fully concentrated in it. At the moment I have a fully working database and a (very) basic web interface which allows me to interact with it. I will keep updating  this entry as the project evolves.

Feature image of the article showing a pile of old paper documents.